Every now and then I allow myself to remember how it felt to see ‘Wilde About Tan’ flash up on the screen at the English Hair & Beauty Awards 2019. In short, it felt amazing. I screamed in surprise and made the other tables around me jump, I galloped from the back to the front of the room, trying to remind myself to pick my dress up because if anyone was going to fall up onto the stage ‘Jennifer Lawrence’ stylie, it’s definitely going to be me!

Rewind 5 hours and it was a very different story. I was in the process of moving house, I had a stinking cold, I was tired and I spent the whole first part of the day trying to persuade my partner, Fred, that we should just give the award ceremony a miss. The likelihood of me winning an award in a category where I was the only one of ten who didn’t actually have a bricks and mortar salon, just seemed unbelievable. One of Fred’s motto’s is ‘lets just stick to plan A’, so I gave up the whining and went a chucked a dress on.

Back at the table at the Awards ceremony, Fred and I struggled to see or hear anything from the stage, we were so close to the exit, we were practically outside. I was in dire need of a fridge freezer for my new place, so we were huddled round my phone on eBay bidding on a serious potential (which I lost out by £5) about five minutes before the category of England’s Best Spray Tanning Salon came up. I stood up and was dangerously trying to perch with my heels on my chair to see the screen….when the unexpected happened. I flipping won!

On stage, I garbled an answer to a question I wasn’t asked. I told the 500 strong audience about how amazing Wild About Tan clients are (truth) and walked off that stage like I’d just won a Grammy. It was THE most amazing feeling.

I didn’t do anything special to win that award, Wild About Tan’s standard is excellence. I don’t settle for anything less. I’m so proud of the company, of the ethos, of being able to provide other women the opportunity to be financially independent, but most of all, I’m so proud that over the space of 17 years, I’ve helped women and men feel great and confident about themselves. I’ve provided the safest tanning alternative. I’ve built the best, and will continue to do so for many more years to come. 


Exciting News! Our booking system is now open! We can't wait to make you feel & look tanned & fabulous again!