We’re willing to bet that if you have ever had a Spray Tan, you will have made at least one of these comments before, during or after your time in the tent:

“It just makes me feel better”

This is without doubt the one sentence we hear almost every day. We emphatically agree too. Honestly, a lot of the time, the Wild professionals are jealous of the glows we are spraying, because we know how amazeballs that fresh spray feels!

“It gives my skin a flawless look”

So much of the time, the skin tone of our legs doesn’t match our upper body. Perhaps there are skin blemishes you’re just not a fan of. A Wild Spray Tan can instantly create a flawless finish that has you wishing it would never fade.

“I feel slimmer”

Regardless of your size, you can’t ignore the fact the Spray Tan creates a visual slimming effect, with clients claiming ‘I swear I’ve just lost a stone in one spray!’.  Most of our clients love this side effect and it might be the prime reason for having them regularly or signing up to our VIP Membership. I will once again point out however, you are already bluddy beautiful, ya hear me?!

“I can wear less or no make up”

Having a tan on your face gives that beautiful holiday glow that can have you popping on some lippie, pouting in the mirror and loving the fact you feel tha bomb without foundation etc. I like to think of a tan as a long-wearing, natural face of make up, without all the time it takes to apply! Perfecto!

“My legs just won’t tan naturally”

Now, there’s actually a bit of science here, an actual bonafide reason that this is the case. The activation and production of Melanin is the number one reason we can ‘tan’, and generally skin on the legs don’t produce as much melanin as the upper body. How rude! This is where the wonderful world of fake tan comes in to save the day. With the right tan, the right application, the right maintenance…your legs look as bonzer as the rest of you. Yasssss Queen!

“Everyone compliments me”

Who doesn’t need their ego boosting on the regular? Who doesn’t want to be told they look ‘fabulous’ or ‘so healthy’ or asked ‘Did you go away for the weekend?’. Yup, you wanna be sashaying everywhere with that tan gurl!

“I have to wear a swim suit/bare my skin”

Wild About Tan get asked frequently, can I tan then go to a Spa!? I have to tell you, I wouldn’t dare ever entering a spa without a Spray Tan. Good Lord! outwardly shivers. A Spray Tan inspires confidence, when do you need confidence more than when in a flipping swimming costume or bikini!?

*Note: No, your Spray Tan won’t slide off your skin on the day, it won’t trail behind you in the swimming pool and won’t go patchy soon as you hit the steam room. Chill girls, we got this!

“No event planned, I just need a pick me up”

This one might be our favourite reason our clients book a tan with us. When we ask what it’s for, and there is genuinely no event or particular reason. They just want to feel good. The start of self love if I ever heard it.

“All my friends are having one, I don’t want to get Tanvy” (Tan envy!)

The amount of last minute bookings we get because a client has realised that her friends are all getting tans and she is going to look like Casper the friendly ghost next to them makes us giggle. Good plan hun, get that Wilde look booked in!

Go on then, tell us which one of the above sounds like you….

Stay Wild