Is it Autumn already!?  The only brown tones I like are on my skin, thank you very much.

Ok, so has anyone else noticed that the someone turned the heating off outside on the 1st September!?? I mean seriously, I have been jumping into my onesie in the evening and constantly searching for jumpers to wear when taking the bin out. I won’t lie, I’m disappointed….and cold.

The other thing I have noticed is how my skin is changing! I wouldn’t normally see a link here, but my lips are starting to chap and my face is looking a little tired.   If it wasn’t for the fact that I work for the ‘feel good’ factor every day, I guarantee you I would be storing all my summer gear away, putting on some ill fitting clothes (I struggle with finding nice fitting winter wear), and lounging on the sofa every night. My skin would be going scaly and I would be of the mindset, ‘My skin won’t be on show, so there is no point in tanning’……NO POINT IN TANNING!????? Wrong.

This year I’m not having it. I don’t want to get to December/party season and struggle to feel good in my dresses etc. because I haven’t looked after myself for the past couple of months. Quite frankly, I work like a ‘dawg’ and I deserve to feel fabulous as much of the time as possible.   The way I have found to do this, if you fancy taking the challenge with me is as follows:

1.  Keep up with my hair/nails (even toe nails!) maintenance

The fact is, when my hair and nails are lookin’ good, I FEEL good. I hide my hands if my nails aren’t beaut and I don’t want to go on video for my business (or even outside in general) if my hair is in a state. This is no good for my confidence, and no good for work if I am not making money because I am hiding away. It’s strange to think that something like this is having a direct impact on my life, but it does, so I make sure those appointments are booked in advance and regularly. If you are struggling for money, perhaps find out if your hair/nail professional have loyalty rewards or are they training someone up and they need a model? Just make sure you go for quality every time, otherwise it could be a waste of your money getting a bad job rectified. I use Heading Out Hairdressers and LG Nails and Beauty for my beauty needs.  For the men and boys out there, I haven’t forgotten you!  My son has his hair done at the fabulous J.Nights in Radcliffe on Trent.  A PROPER cool barbers.

2.  Eat healthy

This is a hard one when it is starting to get cold outside. You want hot chocs and biccies, comfort food galore. I’m quite lucky this month as my hubby has decided September is the month he is going to lose his puppy fat and has went on a juicing diet. I have suddenly been introduced to a fridge full of fruit and veg and lush smoothies in the morning – and I couldn’t be happier. Even our son is loving it and I am relieved to know he is starting his day with his 7 a day!   I am not saying juicing is for everyone, but by being a little more organized with the shopping list, trying to prepare dinner or lunch can have you feeling amazing. Truly, the difference to feeling full after your meal, rather than bloated, can be a real lifestyle turning point in my opinion. My girl Toria follows the Fitter Food lifestyle, you can find out more on her FB page Insane Fitness.

3.  Exercise – no time? MAKE TIME! Use Strictly as your motivator! 

Strictly Come Dancing started last night. Cue tiny little lady and men bodies flying around the dance floor without breaking into a sweat – it’s enough to make you cry, I know. But instead of watching pocket sized Orla and shoving that last hob nob into your mouth, why don’t you record that shiz and do a little bit of exercise!?  Book onto a class if you need the motivation of others around you, or do what I am doing and sign up to an online course like Katrina’s 21 day Body Define Programme , I get to do my exercise when I can and I have the support of lot’s of other lovely ladies to moan to on the FB page when I am struggling. Plus with my before and after pics, I can also celebrate my success with them. Great for the busy, self-motivated lady.

4.  Organise time with my family 

We ain’t nothing without love, and nothing makes me happier (including all of the above) without fun times with my family. Whether it’s taking the dog out for a long walk (or bike ride) together, or playing Cluedo on a Sunday afternoon with my boys, it’s important not to forget our loved one’s in the forge forward to feel good. A giggle with my nutter family always lifts my spirits – natural endorphins released all over the place when you take time to properly enjoy yourself. P.s. After you have achieved points 1-3 above, you may even wish to arrange a date night with your partner so they can also enjoy your hard work 😉

5.  Damn it – I WILL take the time to tan myself!

As if I wasn’t going to mention tanning!? It is without doubt an INSTANT pick me up. If you haven’t tried it, it will be hard for you to understand the confidence boost it can give you. Whether it be factual or a psychological feeling, if I had a pound for every time I received a photo, review or heard a client say after a Spraytan ‘OMG I feel soooo much better already’, I could be a millionaire! If you need a Spraytan Professional who can spray you quickly and flawlessly you are in the right place, or you are outwith the Wilde About Tan area, it is my duty to point you in the direction of two amazing self-tan’s I use. I can also tell you that because I suffer from dry skin on my face, my preference from September to January is to use Vani-T Bronzing Custard on my face because I like the combined moisturising agents and flawless colour, and The Brazilian Bronze Mousse on my lower body. I may even brave the cold because my legs look that good! Skirt and shorts it is then 😉