Having a mobile spray tan can seem daunting, and not knowing what to expect can make people worry or even stop them from booking! 

We have broken down the entire experience from beginning to end so that you know exactly what to expect and how everything will go down, no surprises here. 

Whether this is your first spray tan, you’re showing a friend what to expect or you just need a refresher in the process, we have all the info you need down below on what happens at a spray tan. 

Step 1 – Book your mobile spray tan 

Our online booking system is so simple, all you need to do is choose your area and your perfect date and time for our professionals to pop over! You can even add friends to your appointment, before you complete your booking you will be given an option to add friends to your booking whether it’s one two or five! (Bonus, if you book for over 4 people you get a bottle of fizz or some Self Tan Custard on us!) 

If you have already booked your spray tan and decide you DO want to add some friends, no problem! Just pop us a text to 07520648205 and we can add on however many people you want. The required deposits will then be deducted from the original payment card. 

A WAT spray tan costs £25 (area dependant) and you only have to pay an £8pp deposit at the time of booking to secure your time slot! The remaining payment will be taken by your professional on the day by card. No cash required! 

Step 2 – Check out our pre-tanning advice  

You can do as much or as little preparation as you want but this can affect your tan if you choose not to properly prepare, don’t worry we have all the info you need. 

We even have a list of our top tips, click here to read it!  

If you have any worries or questions then just get in touch and we will be happy to help, we want everyone to be confident and comfortable when getting their tan. No question is too silly, trust me we’ve heard it all! 

Step 3 – Tanning day is here! 

The big day has arrived! You’ve prepared and now is the day to relax and feel gorgeous. 

On the day you should wear only loose clothing to avoid creating marks on your skin, any indents on the skin from clothing can affect how your tan sits. 

Don’t worry about making us a cuppa, we aim to be in and out of your house in 30 minutes so just relax! Adding on a friend or two? It’s an extra fifteen mins per person. 

One thing you CAN do to help your professional is let us know ahead of time about the parking situation. Is there a drive way we can park on? Space in front of the house? This can really help our professionals and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Upon their arrival, your spray tan professional will need somewhere to set up their spray tanning booth. A hard surface is preferable so a kitchen or a room with lino/wood flooring would be perfect. Remember, we also need somewhere to plug in our professional spray tanning machine, we can’t work our magic without it! 

What happens at a spray tan

Step 4 – Hop in! 

Pop on your sticky feet and hairnet, courtesy of your WAT professional, to stop the bottom of your feet picking up tan and keep your hair out of the way respectively. 

Your WAT professional will also apply some barrier cream on areas such as your knees and knuckles, elbows and hands to make sure your spray tan develops evenly all over. No one wants a tan disaster and we pride ourselves on providing the best tan we can! 

Now time to hop in the booth! We will direct you into all kinds of positions to ensure that we get amazing coverage everywhere, yes, it is okay to laugh! We understand that some of the poses might give you the giggles and we want you to enjoy yourself so laugh away! 

Step 5 – Let the tan work its magic 

After your tan is applied you can just wait and relax. We will pack up our equipment in 5 minutes and dash off to our next appointment. Please do not do the dishes right after your tan, our Vani-T formula is fast but not quite Speedy Gonzales so leave those dishes to soak! 

Remember, don’t pat yourself dry as you could affect your freshly applied tan. 

How long you leave your tan on depends on your personal preference. You can shower in as little as 2 hours for a light tan or leave it as long as 8 hours for a dark tan. 

Check out our blog here on how long after a spray tan can you shower. 

Step 6 – ENJOY! 

Now that you have showered you are ready to hit the town with your new golden tan!  

Make sure to keep up with our top tips on how to prolong your tan to make your gorgeous glow last as long as possible! If you have any questions about looking after your tan, feel free to ask your WAT professional and check out what NOT to do after your spray tan. 

Now let’s get on with step 1 and book you in for your mobile spray tan! Click here to get your gorgeous glow on!