So for the past few weeks I’ve been walking around like I’ve soiled my pants. No joke, it’s now taking me twice as long to get from A to B because I’ve attacked the gym in January like a beast and where mentally I’m still 16, a dancer and strong as an Ox, in reality I’m closer to 40 than 30, my flexibility is nowhere near as impressive as it used to be and my upper arm strength is just amusing. That being said, I’m trying! It’s better to get out there than sitting on the sofa thinking about it yeah?

Why am I telling you this and how the hell does this relate to Spray Tan or Fake Tan (let’s be honest, everything I talk about somehow is), give me a subject, any subject…!? Well, one of the questions I get asked ALL THE TIME is ‘will my tan run off when I workout’? My answer with extreme confusion on my face is simply ‘No’. Thing is, Wilde About Tan only use the best quality products and therefore have never experienced fake tan blotching down their legs or streaking when sweating. I am reliably informed by client after client though that with other products this has happened. Can you imagine!? Like I say, it’s bad enough turning up at a class or gym for the first time in forever, without having to deal with tan leakage as well!!

So here is the low down. If you have a Spray Tan with Wilde About Tan (we only use Vani-T Rapid Tan’s that are specifically formulated to have on your skin for the least amount of time), you would:

  1. Have your Spray Tan
  2. Wait 2-5 hours
  3. Shower
  4. Hit the gym!!!
  5. Over the following 12 hours your tan will continue to deepen without you worrying about sweating it off or it running.

If I haven’t made that simple enough, let me be very clear, DO NOT GO TO THE GYM BEFORE YOU SHOWER YOUR SPRAY TAN OFF. That really is asking for trouble and is purely common sense.

Will your tan last as long if you are hammering it at the gym or classes and you are showering 2/3 times per day? Probably not as long as you would like, but honestly, compared to any lesser brand, Vani-T will genuinely far outlast with longevity in comparison. Don’t just take my word for it, ask fitness fanatics and tan addicts Toria Sutton in Derby, or Charlotte Stripling in Nottingham, they’ll tell you.

To keep it glowing week in and week out, make sure you are using Body Shampoo in the shower to get the optimum amount of time out of your tan (plus it smells lush and feels like pure luxury on your skin!) and pop some fabulous Vani-T product in your gym bag to use after your shower. You’ll love Vani-T Bronzing Custard or Vani-T Bronzing Silk for fuss free application.

Think it’s all too much hassle!? I’ll just leave you with a quote I struggle to forget, ‘Tanned fat looks better than white fat’. Harsh but true. See you at the gym! I’ll be there later as I’m struggling to get in and out the car unassisted….