I have tanned probably over a thousand women and men over 12 years and everyone of them have felt rubbish, shy, or embarrassed about some part of their body. From chubby bits to stretch marks, from hairy bits to saggy bits…if you don’t have these, chances are you are a 16 year old girl, and you may be shocked to hear that those young girls are the ones who won’t bear their chest, cover their body parts with their hands, arms pinned to their sides and wear shorts and tops during the spray tan because they are just too embarrassed to get in a state of undress.

Whether you are biting the bullet for the first time with your spray tan or even have them regularly but can’t bear the ‘undress’ part, I like to think that Wilde About Tan have a way of helping you feel at ease in this vulnerable situation. I’ll also tell you a little secret, I myself HATE getting my clothes off in front of anyone. I don’t wear bikini’s on holiday and my husband consider’s himself lucky should he see a glimpse of a full frontal from me! I am super shy about my body and so I completely understand when my client might feel hesitant too.

Much like a nurse or beauty salon waxer though, if I had a pound for every set of boobs I had seen over the years, I would be a very rich girlie! I am aware of cesarean sections, operational scars, cellulite, droopy boobs and spiders legs creeping from the disposable knickers – but NOT because I can see them, I get warned about them before every tan!!! Females especially seem to feel the need to apologise for their perceived flaws or inadequacies like it’s not normal or natural. I’m here to tell you, we ALL have them, if you don’t have any of the above noted issues, then it’s likely you just can’t stand your legs or you hate your big/small chest.

In all honesty, I would not notice any of these things if it were not pointed out to me. My main and primary concern is getting the spray absolutely perfect and flawless on you. I am usually looking at your body angles, where the spray will be falling, how to apply the tan to your particular body type and tone, to have you smiling from ear to ear before I even leave your house. All the while I am chatting to you, trying to make the process as enjoyable as I possibly can in the five minutes it actually takes to apply a full body organic spraytan.

So you can see why so many ladies and gents are afraid to have a spray tan, and that’s before you even start talking about ‘tango-gate’! So as well as highlighting these issues to start a ‘be yourself and be proud’ revolution, I just wanted to share some reviews I have been delighted to receive from clients who have appreciated the results from Wilde About Tan, and can see what I do and why:

Jan Raven – 5 star: I had my first spray tan with Andrea today. She was very professional and sooooo nice.
Thank you Andrea for making me feel at ease.
My colour is looking fab already. Very happy. Will defo being using Wilde About Tan again.

Amanda Chiarella – 5 star: Over at my sisters for the evening and she booked me a spray tan… I Love it, colour is very natural and Andrea is very professional and a good laugh felt very comfortable with her… Gonna have a girlie spray tan party as she travels to derby whoop whoop….. Thank you I’ll be back xxxxxx

Jackie Walker Referral

It’s time to throw caution to the wind ladies, and bra’s to the floor! We are ALL the same but different, we are ALL women…..unless you’re a man of course. If you are at all concerned, want to discuss any part of the process or have decided today is the day to book your first spraytan, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you feel fabulous.