Hi, my name is Andrea, and I am an addict. I care not for drugs, smoking ain’t my bag, and alcohol I can take or leave.  My addiction is a more required taste, although the more people I meet everyday, the more I realise that this could soon be a worldwide epidemic.

I am part of the new wave, ATT: Addicted To Tan!  I love the way it makes me feel, it gives me a confidence that lasts over a week easily.  I love the way it has me looking, healthy, happy and bronzed. It allows me to be more creative with my make-up and clothing, because more things ‘go with it’ than they do with my normal white-blue skin tone.  Sometimes I even indulge in the wearing of a skirt (shock-horror), but mostly I enjoy sporting bright little skinny leg trousers with my tanned ankles peeking out from below….*contented sighhhhhh*.

For some, having tanned legs ranks as the most important body part, for others it’s their upper body, but for me, it’s my face.  Having colour in my face simply transforms how I look and feel.  It means less make-up and more ready-to-go (with red lippy obvs!).  It also cuts down on the amount of people asking me if I’m ‘okay’ with a concerned look.  Unfortunately I genuinely look unwell with no tan.

The best thing about my addiction?  The only product I use and looks the most natural is organic, yup, no naughty parabens hitting this sensitive skin with the Australian product, Vani-T.  It’s also worth noting that for the perfect tan you must exfoliate your skin regulary and moisturise daily – have you every heard of these activities being bad for you?  Nope!  So yes, I do look a little smug right now, because what I’m trying to say is that I have the best addiction ever!  An addition that is NOT bad for you!

Like I said though, I am not the only one getting in on this action.  I receive text’s and reviews almost daily from customers I have spray tanned or who have purchased self tan products (or both of course!) from me, claiming the same. This has me feeling entirely justified in my own addiction.

The title of this blog is perhaps a little mis-leading though, there is literally no-one asking me to sort myself out or wean myself off the goods.  Hubby doesn’t even have room to moan because the bed sheets remain clean, the smell is lush and my happy ‘selfie ready’ face is much more appealing to look at than my previous miserable pale mug!

So I appeal for you all to unite together with me, if you are Wild(e) About Tan too, wave those bronzed arms and flawless hands at me with pride, and tell a friend your secret, if they need any convincing, you when where to send them!

Andrea (ATT)