Over the past 12 years, I have heard some comments from ladies and gents again and again. They offer reasons/excuses as to why they shouldn’t have a Spraytan. When we talk through their feelings and they finally decide to give it a try, they are never disappointed with the results and often state that they wish they had been sprayed years before because it makes them feel so good!

So, in order to help you feel fantastic sooner, rather than later, I am here to expel those concerns you may have. In no particular order, I wonder, have you been known to say any of these things?


I need to lose some weight before having a spraytan!

This can be for one of two reasons. You are either scared of taking your clothes off in front of your Spraytan professional OR you don’t feel worthy or good about yourself, I’ve heard lot’s “No one see’s me without clothes so there is no point”.   Getting half-naked with anyone is a big deal, we are not about to belittle that feeling but we are here to assure you that our job is to make you LOOK fabulous and FEEL better. Between us, we have tanned over one thousand ladies and gents, that’s a lot of flesh to see, and a lot of self perceived flaws to hear about. The flesh baring process takes only a matter of minutes, but the confidence you adopt afterwards lasts waaaayyyy longer. In the long run, our clients start to tan to treat themselves and no-one else. We know it’s a vicious circle, in order to feel your best you have to do something that doesn’t feel instantly natural. If I had a pound for every time clients say to me after stepping out of the tent “I forgot I was even undressed Andrea, you made me feel so relaxed and I was not embarrassed at all”, I’d be a verrryyy rich girl. You deserve to feel that way. We all do.


I like to go to the gym and I don’t want it going streaky or patchy 

I’ll let you into a secret, one of my best friends is an Insanity instructor working out nearly every day of the week in her classes. If you don’t know what that workout is…. basically the clue is in the name. I’ve seen many a picture at the end of her sessions where the gym mirrors are not reflective any more due to the sweatfest in that room. You know what I’m going to say don’t you? Yes, my insanely fit bf is addicted to my Spraytan’s and the Vani-T self tan products I sell.   Far from going streaky and patchy, all of HER clients are so impressed with her flawless tan, I have had to arrange special tanning days in her area just to cater to their tan requests. It also gave me the push to create an online purchasing facility for the Gradual Tan Bronzing Custard and the 1hr Self Tan Brazilian Bronze mousse. I am afraid this one is no excuse at all.


I am pregnant

As well as being a professional in my field, I am also fastidious about the health and safety of my clients and the products I promote.   I am proud to stock organic products and I continue to research and study the effects (if any) of Spray Tanning and using fake tan products. Although the industry is not regulated, there have been many studies carried out over the last 10 years regarding the safety of these products and any potential harmful side effects. I am proud to advise you that as we stand in 2015, there are none reported. What we would suggest, as do most professionals, that in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, that you consider most of the chemicals you add to or in your body, and be aware that your hormones will be changing and may affect any of the beauty processes you would normally carry out without issues. To discuss your concerns further, please contact us here.


I am getting Married and don’t want the tan to come off on my wedding dress.

On the biggest day of your life, the last thing anyone wants is for your wedding guests to comment on that ring of brown on your dress rather than how wonderful you look. We are proud to have tanned very many brides who have fed back to us how their tan stayed intact on their body and not on their very expensive wedding gowns. We always recommend that you have a trial tan with Wilde About Tan perhaps for your hen do. Then 2/3 days after your initial spray, wear a white top/blouse to test out the potential result based on your own particular body type.   Please take a look here at some of our beautiful brides and grooms on their big day in our ever-growing gallery.


I have had a bad experience in the past. It’s gone orange/streaky/patchy/ or disappeared after 1 day! 

Firstly I am always super proud of ladies who keep trying to find the right Spray tan match.   Not every one is going to work with everyone, even Wilde About Tan appreciate that. I would appeal to you to try a Vani-T tan before you give up entirely though! Check out online for reviews of a trusted professional. Do they have online galleries? I for one know that when we are proud of our work, we want to share it!   Finally, a well applied Vani-T Spray tan should never go streaky, look remotely orange OR slide off your skin the next day. I often say, that you get what you pay for, and we here at Wilde About Tan pay to stock the best and most premium solution around and you receive the best results because of this.