Terms And Conditions

1. User Terms

1.1)  These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern all services (“Services”) provided or arranged by Wild About Tan Limited (“us”, “we”, or “Wild About Tan”) to or for you, the customer or user, and recipient of the Services (“you” or “User”).

1.2)  These Terms regulate your utilisation of the website www.wildabouttan.com and our affiliated applications (collectively referred to as the “Website”) or any alternative website, application, or other means of accessing our Services as specified by us from time to time. They also delineate your association with Wild About Tan and all services provided by us to you, whether via the Website or otherwise. Your ongoing use of the Website or the Services implies acceptance of these Terms, thereby forming the basis of the agreement between you and us (the “Agreement”).

1.3) Kindly be aware that these Terms solely pertain to the Services we provide directly to you, specifically our platform’s functionality enabling you to schedule appointments and access other events and services (“Appointments”) with our registered Mobile Professionals (“Mobile Professionals”). These Terms do not govern your participation in an Appointment listed on the Website.

1.4)  The terms governing your interaction with a Mobile Professional regarding an Appointment are outlaid in this document as well as any additional conditions specified by the Mobile Professional in their Appointment Description. In essence, Wild About Tan facilitates the scheduling of beauty therapy appointments between Mobile Professionals and you, the User. The Mobile Professional administers beauty treatments to the User (referred to as the “Services”). Both the User and the Mobile Professional acknowledge that Wild About Tan functions as a technology service and does not provide beauty therapy appointments or operate as a Mobile Professional or Associate. The Mobile Professional bears responsibility for the accuracy of all information within their listings and any details provided to Wild About Tan regarding an Appointment. If the information in the listing or any other written material related to the Appointment is found to be inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading, the Mobile Professional may be held liable to the User for any resulting reasonable losses. Such liability may include payment of reasonable damages based on misrepresentation, breach of contract, or other legal grounds. The Mobile Professional further acknowledges that their provision of Services establishes a direct legal relationship between them and the User, to which Wild About Tan is not a party. Wild About Tan bears no responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions of a User concerning the activities of the Mobile Professional or the provision of Services.

1.5)  This Agreement pertains to you, the individual utilising the Services, and it is your responsibility to ensure that any individual accompanying you to an Appointment or for whom you’ve made a booking (referred to as an “Authorised Person”) adheres to the terms outlined in this Agreement and the Appointment Description. You acknowledge that you are accountable for the actions of any such Authorised Person.

1.6)  We reserve the right to update these Terms periodically. Any changes will be published on the Website. If you disagree with the amendments, you have the option to terminate this Agreement. However, by continuing to use the Website or our Services, you will be considered to have accepted the revised terms and conditions.

2. Registration

2.1) Creating an account (“Account”) is optional for accessing the Website or our booking system. However, for convenient appointment management, we suggest registering.

2.2) To sign up or book with us, you’ll need to provide your name, mailing address, valid email address, and credit or debit card information. Occasionally, we may ask for additional details. It’s important to note that any personal information you provide is subject to our data protection obligations outlined in our Privacy Policy, available at www.wildabouttan.com. This policy is an integral part of our Agreement.

2.3) When you register, you’ll need to create a password. It’s important to keep your password private and refrain from sharing it with anyone else. If you do share your password and someone else accesses the Website or uses our Services, they’ll be considered to be acting on your behalf. We won’t be held liable for any actions taken by a third party to whom you’ve disclosed your password. If you suspect that someone else knows your password and is using your Account without your permission, please inform us immediately. We reserve the right to suspend or close your Account as we see fit in such cases.

2.4) When registering, you must provide a valid email address to receive booking confirmations and other pertinent information about our Services. We cannot be held liable if you fail to provide a valid email address and subsequently miss out on receiving important notifications from us. If you realise that you’ve provided an incorrect email address, please notify us promptly so we can update our records accordingly.

2.5) If you violate any provision of this Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time. In such cases, you will lose access to our Services and may not be able to utilise all features of the Website.

3. Bookings and Payment

3.1) To schedule an Appointment, it is essential to carefully review the Appointment details, including any specific descriptions provided by the Mobile Professional, before proceeding with the booking. Following this review, you will need to submit the required deposit as charged by Wild About Tan. Please note that deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance, known as the “Appointment Fee,” will be due directly to the Mobile Professional on the scheduled day of the Appointment.

3.2) Kindly be advised that the contractual arrangement regarding the service provision at an Appointment is directly between you and the Mobile Professional. We function as a booking platform or intermediary for facilitating appointments between you and the Mobile Professional, yet our liability to you concerning the Appointment is limited to the terms in this Agreement.

3.3) Upon receipt of the deposit and your acceptance of the Appointment Descriptions, your booking will be confirmed, constituting a binding agreement with the Mobile Professional for the Appointment. Subsequently, you will receive a Confirmation Email confirming your booking.
3.4) If you have any enquiries regarding the Appointment subsequent to receiving the Confirmation Email, kindly reach out to Wild About Tan via email at info@wildabouttan.co.uk.

4. Appointments

4.1)  You acknowledge that the Website serves as a platform for advertising Appointments with our Mobile Professionals, and we hold no responsibility for the Appointment beyond providing the Services outlined in this Agreement. These services include administering and confirming bookings and collecting the deposit to secure the Appointment.

4.2) While we strive to ensure that the Appointments featured on the Website meet satisfactory standards, we do not provide any guarantee regarding an Appointment’s suitability for your needs. Likewise, we depend on the Mobile Professional for the information about an Appointment displayed on the Website, and we do not offer any warranty concerning these details.

4.3) Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, once your booking has been confirmed, we bear no additional obligation to you regarding the Appointment, and all responsibility rests with the Mobile Professional.

5. Complaints and Disputes

5.1)  You consent that in the event of any disagreement with a Mobile Professional regarding them or the Appointment, you will first seek to resolve it by directly communicating with the Mobile Professional during the Appointment. If you come to an agreement with the Mobile Professional that entails a full or partial refund, then the Mobile Professional will be accountable for refunding it to you directly.

5.2)  If you have a legitimate complaint, you must notify us within 24 hours of the Appointment by contacting info@wildabouttan.com and supplying any visual evidence of the complaint if available.

6. Cancellation and Termination.

6.1) You consent to the Mobile Professional’s ability to cancel an Appointment through us.

6.2) If the Mobile Professional cancels the Appointment, we will endeavour to arrange for another Mobile Professional to fulfil the Appointment. If this is not feasible for any reason, the Deposit will be reimbursed to you using your original payment method.

6.3) Cancellations need to be carried out via your registered account (if registered) or you should email us at info@wildabouttan.co.uk. Should you cancel within less than 48 hours of the Appointment time and date or fail to attend the Appointment, you will incur the full charge equivalent to attending. This amount will either be deducted from the credit or debit card details you’ve provided or invoiced accordingly.

6.4) Just to clarify, the Mobile Professional is accountable for issuing any refund due to you as outlined in clause 5 of these Terms (Complaints and Disputes).

7. Your Obligations and Restrictions

You must:

7.1)  Consent to adhere to and comply with the Appointment Descriptions (detailed at the time of booking).

7.2) Show appropriate respect and consideration towards the Mobile Professional and their belongings.

7.3)  During the Appointment, refrain from behaving in a manner that is offensive, inappropriate, rude, or illegal, or that could distress others. This includes, but is not limited to, engaging in inappropriate actions such as making sexually suggestive remarks or advances, excessive drinking, drug use, or any other inappropriate behaviour.

7.4)  Furnish us with precise information and guarantee that all your particulars held by us (including your email address) are current and legitimate.

7.5)  Consent to follow closely the health and safety instructions provided by the Mobile Professional upon their arrival at the appointment to ensure the safest possible treatment environment for both you and the Mobile Professional.

7.6)  Do not engage with the Mobile Professional in any manner that could harm Wild About Tan’s business or reputation, or adversely affect our relationship with them.

7.7)  Do not try to reach out to a Mobile Professional directly for future appointments. All bookings must be made exclusively through the Wild About Tan website at www.wildabouttan.co.uk/book-now.

7.8)  Avoid directly soliciting a Mobile Professional for additional beauty services.

7.9)  Use the Website in accordance with these Terms and refrain from actions that could impact the reputation of Wild About Tan or the experience of other users or third parties in accessing and using the Website or our Services.

7.10)  Only provide us with credit or debit card details if you are the sole account holder.

7.11)  Ensure the provision of a safe environment for carrying out the treatment.

7.12)  Kindly note that you could be held personally responsible for any issues arising if you do not ensure a safe environment for the Mobile Professional to conduct the treatment.

8. Professional Obligations and Restrictions

8.1) The Mobile Professional must:

8.1.1) Deliver the Services as outlined in this Agreement, maintaining hygiene standards at the highest levels, in line with the specific requirements of the treatment, and in accordance with the relevant qualifications acquired during their training.

8.1.2) Ensure that all Services rendered at an Appointment meet high standards of quality, adhere to industry norms, and are suitable for their intended use. Additionally, commit to closely following industry guidelines to create the safest treatment environment for both you and your client.

8.1.3) Maintain the reputation of the Wild About Tan brand consistently during the provision of Services.

8.1.4) Make certain that they have provided Users with pertinent health and safety details, including information on typical allergies linked to treatments.

8.1.5) Deliver the Services with a level of skill and care that is deemed reasonable.

8.1.6) Maintain updated availability (as indicated on the Website) consistently throughout the duration of this Agreement.

8.1.7) Adhere to all appointments with Users in accordance with the cancellation policy outlined in section 6 above.

8.1.8) Arrive promptly at the Appointment venue, ensuring you are there by the scheduled start time at the latest.

8.1.9) Stay at the Appointment venue for a minimum of 10 minutes past the scheduled start time before considering the Appointment cancelled by the User.

8.1.10) Deliver the Services during the Appointment in alignment with the information and specifications outlined in the corresponding listing on the website.

8.1.11) Verify that all details regarding the Mobile Professional and the services offered to Wild About Tan for website inclusion are accurate and truthful, without any potential for misinterpretation by Users.

8.1.12) Interact with all Users in a professional and respectful manner, ensuring not to adversely affect the reputation of Wild About Tan.

8.1.13) Address all enquiries from Users regarding an Appointment or booking promptly and satisfactorily.

8.1.14) Avoid directly soliciting appointments with Users of Wild About Tan.

8.1.15) Subject to clause 9, use its best endeavours to settle any disputes that may arise in relation to an Appointment including taking such action as is necessary to bring the dispute to a satisfactory conclusion as soon as practicable so that the User may still fulfil their booking.

8.2) Throughout the provision of Services, the Mobile Professional must consistently represent themselves as an ambassador of Wild About Tan. They are prohibited from promoting their personal contact details, social media handles, or providing any other marketing materials to the User before, during, or after the Appointment.

9 Termination and Suspension

9.1) We reserve the right to suspend your Account at any time if you violate this Agreement.

9.2) Should we suspend your Account or access to the Website for any reason, we reserve the right to deny you any Services, including the ability to make further bookings. Any attempt to bypass this provision by creating a new account will result in the termination of this Agreement and any existing Account you may hold.

9.3)We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement and your Account at any time if:

9.3.1) You have violated any provision of this Agreement.

9.3.2) We have reason to believe that you are on the verge of violating this Agreement.

9.4) Upon termination, you will no longer have access to our Services or the ability to make bookings through us.

9.5) Should we terminate this agreement while you have outstanding bookings for which pre-payment has been made, we may refund you accordingly. Any such refund is solely at our discretion..

10. Your Liability and Indemnity

10.1) You agree to indemnify us for any claims or legal actions brought against us, as well as for any loss or damage we may suffer or incur due to:

10.1.1) Your breach of the terms of this Agreement; or

10.1.2) Your breach of the Appointment Descriptions; or

10.1.3) Your conduct concerning the Services, the Website, the Appointment, or any booking.

11. Our Liability

11.1.) We shall not be held liable to you for any business, financial, or economic loss, or for any consequential or indirect losses, such as damage to reputation, lost opportunities, lost profits, loss of anticipated savings, or missed bargains, arising from any services we provide to you under, or otherwise connected with, this Agreement. This exclusion of liability applies regardless of whether such losses are incurred due to our negligence or otherwise, except in cases of fraud, willful concealment, or theft.

11.2.) To clarify, the liability exempted under clause 10.1 encompasses any loss stemming from your interactions with any Mobile Professional or from an Appointment. We bear no liability to you for any actions or omissions of the Mobile Professional related to the Appointment or your booking.

11.3.) Our liability to you for all losses under this Agreement (excluding any liability as per clause 11.5 below) is capped at the deposit collected in connection with any booking made by you.

11.4.) Any claim related to this Agreement must be filed against us within 12 months following the Appointment to which the claim pertains.

11.5.) This Agreement does not restrict or exempt our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or the negligence of our self-employed Mobile Professionals, nor does it exempt liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

11.6.) You acknowledge that the exclusions of liability mentioned above are reasonable in all circumstances, particularly considering that our services solely entail providing the Website and Services. The responsibility for the Appointment and fulfilling a booking rests solely with the Mobile Professional, for whom we serve as an agent in a limited capacity.

12. General

12.1.) Each party warrants its authority to enter into this Agreement and has obtained all required approvals to do so.

12.2.) By entering into this Agreement, you also consent to abide by our Privacy Policy, accessible on our Website.

12.3.) Any notice to be delivered to either party by the other shall be sent via prepaid recorded delivery, registered post, or email to the address of the respective party as stated at the commencement of this Agreement, or to any other physical or electronic address subsequently communicated by one party to the other.

12.4.) Any provision of this Agreement shall not be enforceable under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any individual or entity that is not a party to this Agreement.

12.5.) We reserve the right to assign or subcontract our obligations under this Agreement.

12.6.) If a national emergency, war, prohibitive governmental regulation, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of either party renders the performance of the Agreement impossible, both parties will be relieved of their respective obligations. In such circumstances, any money accrued due under the Agreement shall be paid.

12.7.) Both parties recognise that the Agreement, along with the Privacy Policy, constitutes the entire agreement between them. They affirm that they have not relied on any oral or written representations made by the other party or its Mobile Professionals or Associates and have conducted their own independent investigations into all relevant matters. Specifically, they agree that any terms and conditions or other contractual documents maintained by either party or its affiliates, which are purported to apply to the subject matter of the Agreement, will not be applicable.

12.8.) You acknowledge that these terms are fair and reasonable under the current circumstances. Nonetheless, if any provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable by a court of law, it shall be severed from this Agreement to the extent necessary without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

12.9.) Any delay, neglect, or forbearance by either party in enforcing any term or condition of this Agreement against the other party shall not constitute a waiver or diminish any rights of that party under this Agreement.

12.10.) This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England, and the parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

12.11.) You acknowledge and accept that DBS checks are not a legal requirement for mobile beauty professionals as per the Government website (for more details, please visit www.gov.uk/find-out-dbs-check). Therefore, if you deem DBS clearance necessary, please refrain from scheduling an appointment with us without checking with us first as some of the Mobile Professionals do hold the relevant certifications.

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