Our most popular questions

Are you mobile? How does THAT work?

Yes, we are mobile. We come to you!

It’s really simple, you book your tan, tell us the address, we turn up, pop up our tanning tent (so no mess), spray you to perfection, then whiz away to our next appointment!

Its such a comfortable, quick and easy process, you’ll wonder why you didn’t book with us years ago.

Need more detail? Check out our blog right here.


Can I wear a bikini?

Absolutely! First and foremost we want to give you a flawless tan; so we suggest bearing in mind the kind of outfit you’re going to wear with your new tan. For example if you are wearing a strapless dress we’d suggest not wearing a top during your tan, or at least a strapless bikini/bra.

The same goes for the bottom half; if you’re intending on wearing a brazilian cut bikini we’d suggest you wear a bottom half that is also brazilian cut or something smaller such as a thong or g-string to avoid any obvious tan lines – we don’t want to ruin the illusion of our natural looking spray tans now do we?! Your secret is safe with us.

Can I be naked to avoid all tan lines?
Most of our clients choose to wear something on their bottom half to preserve modesty (g-strings, brazilian pants etc are a-okay!), but some women choose to be naked to avoid that gorgeous little white line! However we would prefer if men were covered at all times; we’ve seen it all before but we feel this is best for our clients and expert tanners comfort. But the same rules apply, guys if you want to wear a g-string then go right ahead!
Im getting married, will the tan come off on my wedding dress?

It’s potentially one of the most expensive outfits you will ever wear, and so it’s natural to be concerned that the tan will rub off onto your dress or shirt collar. Thankfully the quality of Wild About Tan’s chosen solution Vani-T allows peace of mind for your big day.

We always recommend you have a pre-wedding test, our clients often have a trial in line with their hen/stag do or make up trial. Then wear fitted white garments the day and two days after your tan so you can gauge how soon before your wedding you wish to be tanned. It’s all about the organisation!

The only thing you will have to worry about is mopping up hubby or wifey’s happy tears when they see that they are onto a bronzed winner with their choice of partner for life.

Should I have a tan before my make up trial?

Your make up artist is going to love you for asking this. Yes yes all the yes’s.

The worst thing is meeting your dream MUA and then doing her dirty on your wedding day by turning up with completely different skin tone! She will likely take it all in her professional stride, but its so much easier to be prepared.

So, book in your tan and then your make up trial a day or two after so you can get a true reflection of how you will look on your big day.

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What if I don't want my face tanned?

No problem! We can tan up to the neck and then blend the tan in so that it looks completely flawless without tanning your face.

How long after my spray tan can I get dressed properly or go outside?

If you have never had a spray tan before, it can feel a bit alien on your skin (like a body butter), you may be concerned about it rubbing off and ruining it.

However, if you have had a Wild Spray Tan before, you will most likely be astonished about how light it feels on your skin as well as how dry it is and that you can just crack on with your day as normal. School pick up, lunch with friends, weekly grocery shop, it’s all completely do-able. We just recommend you wear loose dark clothes after, and if it’s raining, cover up and use an umbrella. Simples!

What should I wear after my spray tan?

The sensible answer is anything loose and dark. The stylish answer is a maxi-dress, playsuit or kaftan. In any case, please don’t wear leggings, roll necks, long sleeved tight tops or hiking boots. Seriously. This is no laughing matter… unless you like the pattern of your clothes on your skin for the next week or so…

Do you offer any other beauty services?

We do now!

Our amazing professional, Caroline, has opened up online booking services for her home salon in Loughborough, Leicestershire (LE11).

You beauties in Loughborough will now be able to book in for all of your nail, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, anytime that you like. Yes, we see you, the midnight beauty treatment bookers!

How can I pay?

With our online booking service, you pay a small deposit to secure your booking and pay the remainder to the professional on the day.

We have kept everything super simple for them and you, no faffing about with cash if you don’t tend to carry it.

For you regular tanners, we have subscriptions to suit you which gives you discounts on every tan and the pennies come straight from your account every month (until you cancel it). That way you just book your appointment online and enjoy your tan. Even less hassle if that were even possible!

I need to cancel my booking, what should i do?

We understand that life can be unpredictable so if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment it’s not a problem.

You have booked online and will have many email link opportunities to cancel or reschedule your booking.

All we ask is that you allow at least 24 hours. If there is an emergency and you need to reschedule within three hours notice, we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs. The best number to text us on for absolute emergancies is 07520 648205.

Can I receive a refund on my deposit?

We trust that you understand deposits are charged to secure a date and time, to reduce the risk of no-shows for our amazing professionals, who are always highly in demand.

Although it is not policy to return deposits, we will happily transfer your deposit to the next mutually available spray tan date.

On that basis, when you have booked online, you will receive many opportunities to rearrange your appointment, so please feel free to do that rather than outright cancel.

We understand that life can be unpredictable, so if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, it’s not a problem.

All we ask is that you allow at least 24 hours. If there is an emergency and you need to reschedule within three hours’ notice, we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs. The best number to text us on for absolute emergencies is 07520 648205.

Do men have tans?

Yes they do! They are darned good in the tent at taking direction too, better than women actually. 

There are a few differences to be aware of if you are a man looking to get spray tanned.

1. All beard trimming and shaving should be done pre-tan and not after!

2. Bald men will need to keep those hands off your head, otherwise, you will literally get tan all over your hands and affect the result of your gorgeous head

3. If you have a hairy chest and legs, fear not, the spray will go through. You just have to be careful of dressing into trousers afterwards for fear of transfer. Shorts it is!

Do you offer discounts?

Our service is elite and we believe our professionals deserve to be paid accordingly. 

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean we are expensive. Infact we know many companies who charge more than us for a salon spray tan. 

The best way to take advantage of any discounts is to sign up for our rolling tan subscriptions. Each tan works out a little less than you would normally pay and because it just pops out your account, it kinda feels free! lol

I dont want to look like an oompa lumpa, are your spray tans orange?

Best to read the answer here and not utter these words around Andrea at your appointment. She is often insulted by the term ‘orange’ as it’s like a swear word in the tanning vocab! This is only because she can’t believe this is still a concern in this day and age because Wild About Tan only use Vani-T Solution.

It’s such a natural colour that often friends and family will think you have had a cheeky trip away, certainly not a spray tan. In short, we don’t do orange. We promise. And if you’d like to see this in action, head on over to our instagram page for real life examples of a range of skin tones with the Vani-T tan applied.

How should I prep my skin before my spray tan?

For best results, please exfoliate 12 hours before and don’t apply moisturiser before we get there as it creates a barrier.

Please refrain from wearing perfume and deodorant, and remove all jewellery. For more details on this head over to our Top Tan Tips page!


Can I buy a top up product/moisturiser to extend my tan?

We stock a number of products aimed at extending the life of your spray tan as well as topping it up. If you’re interested in finding out more, just check our online shop! We’ll also talk you through top tips on how to use them for the best and longest lasting tan possible over on Insta.

How long will my spray tan last?

Ah, the ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. This can depend on a number of situ’s. If you have prepped well with exfoliation prior to your tan and wear loose clothing afterwards your tan should last at least 7 days.

However to extend this you will need to follow our aftercare guidelines. This means avoiding oil-based products when showering and moisturising combined with a body polish on day 4-5: in the past our clients have kept their tan for up to 14 days!

The average is 7-10 days with it fading from your face and hands first as these are used and abused most (washing hands, make up remover). Remember though, we offer fabulous top up products so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

I know I need to moisturise to maintain my tan, but which one do i use?

This is completely up to you, though there are a few things to note. Oil based products strip fake tans faster and so if you NEED that expensive essential oil moisturiser in your life, you just need to be aware your tan might not last as long.

We love body butters because they have lovely essential oils in them which help hydrate the skin but are predominantly moisturiser based; this means they have a minimal effect on your tan but still provide your skin with much needed moisture.

Should I use shower gel/cream in the shower or just water?

Part of the routine I enjoy most about my glorious shower is stepping out smelling gorgeous and fresh. Let’s be honest though, we have very little time in our busy lives, do we want to be skipping that one luxurious shower experience because we are scared of washing away our tan with the wrong products. Just water is so naff, so please feel free to use your normal shower gel, but one that’s not too oily!

Is it ok to wax or shave after my spray tan?

There are no two ways about this, you MUST wax or shave before your spray tan, not after. If you can do it 12 hours or more before that would also be fantastic. We don’t want any invisible barrier left on your skin now do we?

Sometimes we just have to shave a little on those stubborn, fast growing areas after our tan but bare in mind that when you are shaving, you are effectively shaving the first layer of your skin and that’s exactly where the tan is resting.

If you really must, please do not dry shave, use a hydrating shaving gel/cream and a sharp blade softly so you don’t have to go over and over the same area.

Can I tan naturally after my spray tan, ive heard it acts as a barrier?

We can confirm that Vani-T solution has absolutely no SPF protection in it. We passionately recommend that you apply sun cream as often as you can regardless of the sunshine or not, those rays get through when you least expect it and you can easily burn (trust that we have experience in this – for test purposes of course, ok not really, it’s just that the spray tan looks so damned natural).

We are all about protecting your skin, so please please do your skin a favour and look after it every day.

How long should I wait between spray tans?

We won’t lie, if you do everything you are told pre and post maintenance, you should only need a new fresh tan every 10 – 14 days.

You want to make sure your last tan is completely removed before your next, and this tan is a keeper so your fair skin takes quite a while to reappear in most cases.

To ensure we are spraying on a gorgeous blank canvas, we recommend you invest in a Vani-T tan eraser. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. If you’d like to know more about this please head over to our Shop.

Im pregnant, is it safe to have a spray tan?

As you will read everywhere, for the first trimester of pregnancy, you are advised not to sneeze ‘just in case’…so we follow suit and recommend that you wait until this early stage has passed to indulge in a spray tan.

There are absolutely no studies/research to suggest that spray tanning is in any way harmful. Still, this isn’t good enough for Wild About Tan, which is why we go one step further and use only organic based products. We truly care about what you put on your skin and in your body in general. Nothing but the best for our clients.

It is also pertinent to note though, your spray tan can be affected by hormones, particularly during pregnancy as you’re going through a lot of changes. It may come out slightly lighter or darker than normal. Of course it may be exactly as you expect it to be as well, we just need you to know this is a possibility.

Someone told me that hormones affect my tan, is this true?

That person may have been a Wild About Tan professional, because yes, it’s true, and not many people are aware of this. Where you are in your cycle can affect your colour result and longevity of the tan. Medication can also play a part. Just when you think you have the pre, and post tan maintenance routine down, your hormones go and kick in to keep you on your toes. So not fair!

But don’t panic, your tan won’t be ruined, it just may come out slightly lighter or darker than normal. It may not. We just need you to know it is a possibility – you’ll still look lovely, and not a hint of orange in sight!

Should I have my nails done before or after my spray tan?

Wild About Tan operate a process to protect those gorgeous talons of yours before and after your tan, so it doesn’t really matter, however, if you have to soak off gels or acrylics it makes sense to have your nails done first so as not to ruin the tan on your fingers. Don’t worry, the spray tan will not fade or affect your nails at all.

Im worried that my fake eyelashes will be affected by my spray tan, should i be?

Fear not, your eyelashes will not be affected at all with Vani-T solution. It is not an oil based product so those fluttery things will stay perfectly glued right where they should be. Again, this is a beauty treatment that should be carried out before your spray tan and not after on the same day.

Happy clients

Just had my tan done by the gorgeous Andrea and I cannot recommend wild about tan enough. I’ve had my tan done countless times and even for my wedding, I had an amazing natural glow and even happier that none of it rubbed onto my wedding dress. 6 of my bridesmaids had theirs done too and they were also so pleased with the out come. Amazing customer service too!!

Rebecca Starnes

I absolutely love Wild About Tan! Andrea comes to my house every Two weeks and sprays on my glow! I always look and feel fabulous after. They are professional, punctual and she always puts me at ease by having a good chat. I’m a VIP member so have my appointments booked for every two weeks in advance. The tan itself is fab. I’m a fitness instructor so I have a rapid tan and after a few hours, I can wash it off and I’m good to go to my classes. I can’t recommend them enough."

Laura Ross

"Without a doubt the best mobile tanning biz out there. Always on time, always super easy to book a time that works for you, always great chat, always feel completely comfortable with them, and always an absolutely cracking tan. Couldn’t recommend enough."

Bex Knight

"THE BEST. Cannot praise Wild About Tan enough! The best products, suitable for all skin types and extremely knowledgeable and professional tanners. It doesn’t matter if you are a spray tan newbie or have them all the time, once you book with Wild you’ll never book enough therapist again! "

Ruby Jones

I absolutely love Dre and her tanning products. I’ve never been disappointed, she always fits me in and I’m always so pleased with the results. Previously I’ve been dissatisfied with tanning but this is the BEST. Lasts at least 2 weeks and I have dry skin prone to eczema and no probs at all. Love that you can moisturise as well."

Julie Wilson

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