So, how long was January then? Wow, the never ending story. Got to congratulate you though for making it through to the end of February like a boss, well maybe not a boss. The lurgy has been doing the rounds and the feedback is you have been feeling rather shady, grey and flat.

It’s no wonder then that before payday has even hit; the bookings for a Wilde About Tan Spray Tan were at a record high this year. Before we start spraying, we generally ask the question “so have you got anything nice planned this weekend?”, the response has actually been a resounding ‘NO’, but our clients just need a little pick-me-up.

I have never been more convinced of the legendary, natural looking, organic based powers of the professionally applied WAT Spray Tan than I am right now. All through out the East Midlands ladies and gents are being converted to the ease of a mobile Spray Tan rather than running from a salon in the gale force storm winds of Doris or Ewan!

If you have never had a mobile service before, just take a minute to imagine the convenience this situation offers! Welcome your personal professional to your home (however cosy or grand your abode) in your dressing gown, watch as the tan tent is popped up in record time, hop in and pull a few shapes, hop out and back into your dressing gown, marvel at the magical tent disappearing act and wave goodbye to your Fairy Tan Mother as she braves the storm onto the next lucky customer, all so you don’t have to. Beats me why anyone would choose another Spray Tan option!??

From feeling flat to fabulous in February, our customers know exactly who to call. Apparently February is the biggest month for membership enquiries at the gym too. Everyone has demolished the Xmas chocolate from Dec/Jan and are ready to get their Spring body in shape. All we are missing is the appearance of a little bit of sunshine.

In the meantime, either slap on that Vani-T self tan or get booking with the Wilde team, we provide sunshine minus the harmful rays! We promise that five minutes in a tent with us will make all the difference to your week!