Tattoos are more common than ever and people don’t think tattoos and spray tans go together or are often confused about how their tattoos will be affected by a spray tan.  

Tattoos are expensive and many hold personal and sentimental feelings, but you might worry, will it cover the tattoo? Affect the colour? We answer these questions and more down below! 

How does a spray tan work? 

Firstly, you should know how a spray tan actually works. 

The ingredient in your spray tan which causes the colour is called Dihydroxyacetone (what a mouthful). This works with the skin’s amino acids and proteins and causes the skin to change colour when exposed to oxygen in a process called oxidation. 

How does a spray tan affect tattoos? 

I am happy to tell you that a spray tan will NOT permanently affect a tattoo.  

Reminder: You should always wait until your tattoo is completely healed to have a spray tan and avoid spray tanning a few days before a new tattoo! 

Tattoos of a lighter colour pigment (white, flesh colours and pale yellows) may become slightly darker from the spray tan however this is TEMPORARY and the spray tan solution can be wiped off of the tattoo immediately after the session if you wish.  

It is likely that your tattoo will not incur any change during the process. If you have tattoos of darker colours then you will likely notice nothing at all! 

Is a spray tan safe? 

Absolutely! Did you know that UV rays (the sun ☀️ ) can permanently fade tattoo ink and cause lasting skin damage? 

This means that spray tanning is actually the best tanning option if you have tattoos, or even if you don’t! With a spray tan, you are not exposed to harmful rays or sun damage and as the tan only sits on the first layer of skin, it has no lasting impact. 

We believe that spray tanning is the safest way to get your glow on, and with our mobile service, it is also the easiest! Gone are the days of running from a salon in the rain. 

Remember, a spray tan does NOT protect you from the sun! Keep wearing sun protection to stay safe. 

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