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Why train with us?

With years of experience Wild About Tan know all the best practices on how to get the best possible results when having a spray tan.

Here’s the truth, when creating this academy, Director of Wild About Tan, Andrea realised although she had been taught the skills to ‘teach’, she wasn’t in anyway tested on her Spray Tan technique! Suddenly it all became clear, if teachers are teaching their way, it doesn’t matter how long you have been in the business, if you don’t operate your own highly successful business with thousands of customers, constant repeat business and 100’s of 5 star reviews, what makes you truly qualified to train others?

So, after many many requests for training, Wild About Tan decided to help change the name of Spray Tanning from the ground up. We are a team of professionals who passionately care about creating a Spray Tan revolution. We are on the ground, spraying every single day. We know what you can expect, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and spray the spray.

Take a look out our most frequent questions asked by our spray tan professional trainees and if you still want to know more, get in touch here.




How long does the training take?

The online theory modules can take as little or as long as you need. We’ve had students completing the modules over a weekend, we’ve had some completing it in an afternoon. It really depends on you.
The Practical Spray Tanning course usually takes half a day. This is why we say, you can literally be qualified and earning money next week!

How much does it cost to train with Wild About Tan?
The total cost of becoming qualified to Spray Tan is just £125. An absolute bargain to learn a new skill that can earn you thousands per year!
How much does the set up/equipment cost?

Now this completely depends on what condition and quality of kit you decide to go for. For a brand new machine, tan tent, full on accessories, solution and bag…you can be looking at paying around £300/£400
If money is tight and you are not in a rush to get started tomorrow, I would encourage you to look on ebay/FB marketplace for a second hand set up. Usually people selling their kit have barely used their machines and you can get it all for a fraction of the cost. One recent student picked up the same set up as WAT for just £50!

On completion of the course, will I be qualified?
As soon as you have successfully completed both the Guild Theory Modules and the Practical Training Session, you will be a fully qualified bonified Spray Tan Professional! Woohoo!
Do I have to use Vani-T?

You might have heard about our preferred solution of choice being Vani-T, we also love UK produced Nouvatan solution. You only have to spray with these solutions if/when you are a Wild About Tan Professional (i.e. when you take actual bookings for our customers). Otherwise, if you are doing your own thing (which you are totally cool to do!) then spray with any solution you want.

What is the best solution to use?
I’ve worked in the tanning industry for around 17 years (like, forever!) and I can only give you my personal opinion. These are informed opinions though, based on building the Englands best tanning salon 2019, with thousands of customers, repeat and loyal clientelle…so what do I know? Haha. Our preference is Vani-T and Nouvatan. There are new solutions being developed and launched everyday though and we are always keeping our ear to the ground for a solution that fits the bill of true spraying perfection.
Do I need insurance? How do I get insured?

It is always recommended that you have public liability insurance when you are spraying paying customers. You MUST have insurance to work alongside Wild About Tan as one of our pre approved professionals. We can guide you on this, we recommend Salon Gold or the Beauty Guild for insurance. It can be completed in minutes. All you need is your qualification certificate. The cost of insurance tends to be around £60/£90 per year depending on who you insure with.

Where is your training venue?

The beauty of Wild About Tan is that we are MOBILE! You get to enjoy learning to train in the comfort of your own surroundings. With the recent events of COVID19 and ‘bubbles’, we have found that trainees are much more comfortable learning in their own surroundings and often providing their own ‘models’ for the day. If however, you cannot or do not wish to train at home, we can arrange for you to visit us in the Midlands or Essex. Please Get in touch to discuss this further.

What are the opportunities of working with WAT?

We are always looking for fabulous professionals to join our team. You will have to be qualified and insured and use our preferred products. You will be self employed (leaving you to be ultra flexible!). You can find out more here. We would love to chat with you.

Do I have to work with WAT after my training?

No! You have absolutely no obligation to work with Wild About Tan. We offer training and refresher training to all.

Do any models I provide, have to pay?
The models tend to have to stand around for longer than they normally would during a standard tan treatment, so no payment required, we just appreciate them rocking up and helping our trainees out.
What information do my models need?
We request models to arrive on time, wearing loose dark clothes which are perfect for after their tan. They should have exfoliated pre tan, not wearing creams/oils or fresh deodorant. It’s even better if they are make up free. It’s helpful if they are not in a rush to get to another appointment and don’t have to squeeze into something white and tight after either. That sight is heartbreaking! haha
Why dont I get paid the full amount for tans when i am a WAT professional?

Simply put, these are Wild About Tan clients, we have spent years marketing too and building up our client base. We take a small cut of each appointment because we have put the hard work to build the business.

How much should I expect to earn as a Spray Tanner?
You can earn as little or as much as you like! Just 12 hours per week work can see a revenue of between £816 – £1200 per month. Not bad right?
You dont have someone in my area yet, is that ok?

If you fancy working with Wild About Tan but your area is brand new to our current offerings – that actually pretty fabulous. We are always looking to expand and grow so you would be a welcome member of the team! Our only request would be that you are flexible and reliable, as we would hate to have to let our clients down should you be regularly unable to service the appointments. We are happy to discuss this further with you here.

Happy Spray Tan Professionals

“Had my training course today at Wild About Tan. I had the most amazing day. Andrea to the best teacher, she made it fun and relaxed. She is very knowledgeable about the solutions, kit and techniques. The tan is amazing its beautiful. Highly recommended for anyone who is thinking about training I could not be happier.”

Danielle Barnes

“I have just done my first few spray tans after having my training with Andrea and I’ve never felt so at ease, all thanks to the INCREDIBLE training from Andrea. I was so shocked with the amount of models we had to practice on and honestly couldn’t have asked for anymore. The support is brilliant and I’m so happy to be apart of such a strong brand/family whilst also working with amazing products. Couldn’t rate her highly enough and strongly advise anyone wanting to go into spray tanning to give this lady a call ASAP. Best thing I’ve done in a VERY long time. Thanks Andrea :)”

Emily Kearney

"The best things about being a WAT professional, is knowing you can choose your own hours to fit around your existing lifestyle, meeting the best clients (and no two have the same personality) and you can relax and be confident in knowing you have the total support of Drea too!"

Rebecca Speirs

"Being a WAT professional is so rewarding! Meeting new clients and building friendships with old… Life is better with a Wild About Tan spray tan"

Jade Till

"I love being a WAT professional, getting clients ready for their special occasions and making them feel beautiful is totally rewarding. I enjoy meeting new clients and catching up with regular ones on a week basis... Being a bronze babe is the only choice"

Naomi Jones-Thompson

Voted The English Hair & Beauty Awards winner in 2022

Voted The English Hair & Beauty Awards winner in 2022


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