I get it, everyone thinks there is a ‘catch’ when things sound too positive and don’t appear to display any immediate issues. It’s practically human nature to be skeptical (or at least, very British!), so I thought I would run through some of the realities of working as a Spray Tan Professional alongside Wild About Tan.

First and foremost – you might have seen the term ‘franchise’ banded about with WAT? Just to let you know, we don’t do that anymore. We changed the business model in the last two years (always evolving) and it’s working flipping beautifully now, you will be representing the brand as a Wild About Tan Professional! The main difference is that we don’t charge our professionals set up or monthly fee’s to work with us! Wait, it get’s better:

The Benefits

  • You get to enjoy the job without having to worry about the nitty gritty of running all aspects of the business.
  • We are trusted award winners, we have spent ten years building a reputable service
  • We constantly update the website/social media/marketing (a full time job – trust me!)
  • Appointments simply pop into your calendar
  • You turn up to appointments, provide a first class service, take payments onsite that hit your account straight away!
  • You remain free and flexible to work around your other work commitments
  • You could start this time next week, genuinely, it’s that quick!

The Pros

  • No excessive franchise fee
  • No need to work your fingers to the bone – 11 hours pw equal £800pm!
  • No dealing with mountains of admin and questions from clients – believe me, there is loads!

You get to:

  • Shout about Wild About Tan and all that we deliver
  • Offer a fabulous service
  • Promote our wonderful subscriptions. The more people sign up, the more regular potential work for you!

Your essential checklist

  • Complete Spray Tan Training with us OR be qualified in Spray Tanning – just £125 to become fully qualified!
  • Be insured (£60 per year average) – we can advise on this, don’t worry.
  • Spray with our recommended solution – our clients need to know what they are getting.
  • Be available at least on Thursday/Fridays day/eve per week. Weekend ready baby!
  • Sign our goodwill agreement.
  • Be friendly, bubbly and genuine

If you have any further questions, they may be covered in our FAQ’s, so please check them out. Otherwise, if you have questions that haven’t been covered, or you’re ready to get started with Spray Tan training, fill out this quick form and let’s chat!

Drea xx