Has your world been turned upside down by motherhood & do you find yourself at the bottom of the pile for self-care…let alone self-tan!

Yeah, us too!

Oh the luxury of a trip to the salon for a brow tint, lash lift or a full set of extra-long acrylics (although they were never going to be a practical purchase for a new mum anyway, were they?). They may feel like the distant glory days for some…

I remember not being able to remember the last time I had washed and dried my hair in those early days full of shocking reality checks. I’m pretty sure I just lived in a perpetual mum bun (if you know you know).

But, there comes a tipping point in parenting where you have just got to shake yourself back into the reality of doing something for yourself rather than your delightful small human who has turned your world, body and self-care routine upside down. Don’t fear, self-care for mums doesn’t have to be scary or take up loads of time…

Skin Care and Self-Care for Mums

Skincare became that tipping point for me, Bailey; a self-confessed Temple Spa addict. Midwife now turned self-care specialist and mum of 2 (with less than 2 years between them!). Who knew that something as simple as washing your face in peace could bring you so much clarity and joy, let’s set the record straight! Doing something for yourself can bring you the ability to dig a little bit deeper and dive a little harder into the mothering department (even if you feel like your tank is running off of fumes sometimes).

These clarifying light bulb moments can truly bring us closer to ourselves before motherhood, not fully but enough to give ourselves permission to be something other than a mum for a moment and not feel any guilt for it.

I now give others permission to unwind and reconnect with their self-care needs through wellness workshops and skin care lessons both virtually & in really creative, spa-boutique home sessions.

They are a really clever mix of education and entertainment all wrapped up with award-winning products (& come on you know we are a fan of an award or two here at WAT) and Spa-inspired techniques. This helps people to reconnect with themselves & see that great skin is a confidence-boosting self-care exercise that NO ONE should feel guilty for tapping into.

Skin Care for New Mums

Over my years in the industry, I have noticed something happening to mums who previously took so much pride in themselves and took amazing care of their skin. One of the things which often happens is that they either stop self-care entirely, they forget how to maintain a great self-care routine because their previous routine is now too complicated or their old products are now outdated or unsuitable & so they simply don’t start up again!

Re-introducing great and simple skincare into your daily routine can have a huge impact on not only how you feel, but also how you look! Let’s face it, babies/children/teenagers come with a multitude of complexities ranging from endless sleepless nights to raging hormones and everything in between which can cause masses of stress! And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but STRESS is one of the biggest ageing influences on our skin & it shows up really quickly…thanks kiddos!

You are the reason I have aged what feels like 15 years in 18 months!

So put your hand up if you have ever looked at someone and thought WOW, they are glowing! And then immediately looked at your washed-out, dry & lacklustre self and thought, I need to up my game! Firstly, stop comparing yourself and cut yourself some slack (motherhood is hard and some days you just need to survive). Then, think about the psychology of glow!

When we self-invest, we are uplifted. When we look good, whether that is great lipstick, your fave pair of heels or just an amazing bronzer we whack on, we walk a little taller and command more authority. We create confidence in our ability and give ourselves the permission and energy to take on the world (even if your world just means going the dishes). So that envious glow you are after could just be some simple self-care actions that the other person has taken time for and built into their routine so YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Self-Care and Spray Tans

Self-care for mums can mean anything but a surefire way to squeeze some self-care in is with a spray tan. We aim to be in and out of your house in 30 minutes and a tan can last up to a week or even longer! If you want self-care that just keeps on giving then this could be for you.

With our mobile spray tan service, you don’t even have to leave the house as we come to you! Click here to read our FAQs about spray tanning or click here to book in for your spray tan!