It’s marked as one of the biggest days in a young person’s life, a real chance to dress up, show off and let their hair down. We are no fool’s either, the Americanised Prom or Balls have become immensely popular in the UK in the last five years. No longer are they held in School gym halls, gone are the day’s where the school had a say in the matter, quite the contrary, there are Prom Committee’s headed by Students and primarily, wedding venues are getting in on the action. There’s no two ways about it, this is big business and more importantly, an expensive business. Time for you as a parent, to get smart.

Here’s the thing, there are going to be pictures, and lots of them. We live in a Social Media frenzy right now and so your son or daughter have to look their best. Totting up the bill, you need to consider the Dress (upwards of £100 usually), shoes, bag, hair cut/colour/style, nails, maybe even a limo….yikes! So why, we ask you, would you want to send your daughter to her prom, after investing all that money on her, like a streaky oompa loompa who smells like a digestive biscuit!?? More importantly, how can you pull out that bonus ‘mother always knows best’ card on this occasion. There’s always a lesson to be learned, right!?

The COOL AND SMART parent books a Prom Tan Party: Get the celebrations started sooner, the pre-party if you like!? Get a group of the girls (or guys!) together and let’s set up the tent. The screams of delight as each girl steps out the tent showing her friends her tan lines is always a sight to behold. You will be the coolest parent around for organising this one, make sure you are mentioned in the Snap Chat stories won’t you?

The SMUG AND SMART parent books with the best: There’s no doubt your girl will look so classically beautiful with her professional Spray Tan, you are SO allowed to take credit for the masterpiece you helped to create, and super smug about how YOU chose right the 5* Spray Tan company who use organic based products for your teen’s sensitive skin. Only the best for your pride and joy, go on, give the other parents a knowing smile.

The THRIFTY AND SMART parent saves money: We talked about the Spray Tan party above, another benefit of this Prom Tan Party, is that as the host, YOUR teen get’s her tan absolutely free when she has at least four friends being tanned! Yup, it will cost you literally no pennies! Go celebrate your win with a Costa Coffee or 5 with the money you saved.

The TIME SAVING AND SMART parent keeps their bed sheets beautiful: That’s right, your teen doesn’t need to sleep in their tan! No messing up the just cleaned sheets, no nasty smells in their rooms, no fake tan incidents on their carpet/towels/bathroom. I mean, seriously, where is the catch? We use a rapid tan, which can be washed off after 1-5 hours, then it continues to develop over the next 12 hours whilst she is fresh and glowing. Feel free to stay an extra hour at Costa because you don’t need to hurry home to shove in another load of washing, you time saving genius you!

The CRAFTY AND SMART parent gets in on the action: Why should your teen get to feel all fabulous whilst you look on and get all jealous (I say this from a place of understanding, I’m jealous of the transformation of every single person I tan!). I promise we won’t tell if you transfer the FREE tan to yourself instead, you crafty cookie.

I could go on about how you won’t need to be their taxi because we operate a mobile service, or that you won’t have to worry about this tan rubbing off on their lush dress because of the quality of the solution and professional application, but you are smart enough to know it makes perfect sense already aren’t you? What are you waiting for? Get in there before another parent nabs themselves the freebie. Book here!