Nouvatan Nouvaglow Gradual Tan Intense Moisturiser 8% DHA 200ml



Indulge in the gradual transformation of your skin with the enriching benefits of our NOUVAGLOW Intense Moisturiser. Designed to provide a stunning sun-kissed look, this vegan-friendly product boasts a carefully crafted blend that includes 8% DHA. As you incorporate this moisturiser into your routine, relish in the seamless fusion of nourishment and a gradual, natural tan. Revel in the radiant transformation that unfolds, leaving your skin with a luminous and effortlessly bronzed finish that enhances your beauty with each application. Elevate your skincare experience and embrace the journey to a captivating, sun-kissed complexion with NOUVAGLOW Intense Moisturiser.

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Achieve a natural, gradual tan with our NOUVAGLOW Intense Moisturiser.