It’s a question Wilde About Tan are asked on the daily. Which product is best for me? This is a really tricky one to answer because it comes down to personal taste, either way, anything by Vani-T is going to be flawless, natural and beautiful, so we decided to help your decision process along with a simple guide.                                                                  

Vani-T’s Bronzing Custard:

                                                                     What IS this custard!?

Vani-T Bronzing CustardThis product is a gradual tan, with colour built over three days.

  • Custard is a cream application, luxurious and moisturiser like.
  • Smells delicious (though not like British Custard!)
  • First application best applied after shower and exfoliation.
  • Paraben free, cruelty free, 95% organic derived

What Results should I expect?

  • The first application is a warm sparkle on the skin, second application is a tone darker glow, the third application see’s a sunkissed tan
  • A tan that lasts for over 5 days with correct maintenance
  • Sunkissed, holiday glow, just off the beach.

 Who loves this product?

  • Ladies and gents with pale to medium skin tone
  • Those who prefer a ‘cream’ application
  • Those looking to top up a Spraytan or starting from scratch
  • Customers who are sprayed by Wilde About Tan with Vani-T Velocity 12%


Vani-T’s Brazilian Bronze Mousse

Vani-T MousseWhat IS this Mousse??

  • It’s an instant satisfaction mousse fake tan
  • Silky Smooth application
  • Super convenient, shower after just a few hours – then it continues to develop!! (just like the Velocity products)
  • Paraben free, cruelty free, 95% organic derived

What Results should I expect?

  • A gorgeous deep Brazilian tan
  • A tan that lasts over 5 days with correct maintenance.
  • Expect a lot of compliments on your colour.

Who loves this product?

  • Everyone. Pale or already olive tanned skin.
  • The VERY last minute.com girls and guys. Head out in this tan if you can guarantee you won’t get wet.
  • WAT customers who are sprayed with Velocity Ultra Dark 15% solution
  • Those who prefer a mousse application to a cream one.
  • Those who loved to be undisputedly TANNED


Do I have a favourite!?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite from the list above and if they ever discontinue a product I’ll cry real baby tears!  I do prefer using cream on my face, but that’s just me, and I can’t deny the satisfying instant colour on my legs that comes from applying the mousse.

Other than that, my choice of tan comes down to my event or situation, do I have time to build it? Is it raining outside? To be honest, I use all the products on the regular. I use the body Tan Eraser to prepare my skin in the shower too. I live and love all of these products and my suggestion is, if you can’t choose, get all three (or 4!), I am sure Wilde About Tan can sort you out with a Christmas Discount.

Actually, because I don’t feel like anyone should be without the collection, instead of you paying over £83 for all 4 essential products, you can order your Wilde About Tan Dream Tan Package for just £70. That’s including a FREE luxury application mitt. You’re welcome!!!

If you are still confused why not take our short quiz to find out which product we recommend for you.