I don’t think I’m alone when I say that most days my mind wonders ‘what on earth has this World come to’? In the space of 8 months our lives have been turned upside down in one way or another. Every single one of us has been affected (so at least we know we are in this together #silverlinings) in some way. One of the biggest impacts has been work / jobs / careers / passions. Whatever it is to you, it’s likely you are struggling. You might be working harder, working less, not working at all, be in fear of redundancy, on furlough or not receiving any assistance at all. Regardless, it’s likely you are reflecting on your life, trying to plan for your future or just getting by every day by breathing. If so, well done! It’s the small things that count and make all the difference. 

I’ve been a teacher in the art of Spray Tanning for several years, but I’ve never had more enquiries about it than now. Infact it is only this month that I have finally taken off my day to day Spray Tan hat and solely focus on delivering Spray Tan Training Courses. Can you relate to those who have trained with me in recent times? Some ladies have trained in the past but need refreshing in their techniques because they want to get back into ‘the game’, some of them even represent Wild About Tan because it’s a super easy way to generate a quick additional income. Some ladies are newly adding it to their other beauty services and some have no experience in the beauty industry whatsoever but they want a side gig, they want to be in control of their life. When every other element of your freedoms feels like being stripped from you, no one can stop you learning, achieving and bettering yourself!

I practice what I preach, and in my time of reflection I have jumped into leading roles in two further businesses. Both of them are in some way helping and supporting people like you. One is a Business Advice company (support to Start Ups is my jam. Support to SME’s and multi million pound companies are also our passion), and the other is a technology company which helps make technology accessible to everyone! Can you imagine having an online booking system, digital payment services or an App for your business that incorporates everything? (that is totally affordable!). Why should it just be the big companies that project this level of professionalism? Answer, it shouldn’t, you can stand proudly alongside them.

When you are searching for a way to better yourself, you might be typing ‘Spray Tan Training Courses’ into Google search engine, you might even be searching for ‘lashes’, ‘brows’ or ‘nails’. Whatever you are looking for, however you go about it, we’re high fiving you over here. Things are not going to go back to ‘normal’ quite yet, we’ve still got a journey in my opinion, but one day, because you acted now, it’s likely you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour, your hard work in the hardest of times will have paid off, and that is going to feel amazing. Cheers, to your future you. You’ve got this!

If you have questions about Spray Tan Training, you can find out everything you need to know here, and if Business Support or Technology is what you need, feel free to check out https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-warner/ and drop me an e-mail!

Exciting News! Our booking system is now open! We can't wait to make you feel & look tanned & fabulous again!