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Hi, I’m Andrea and I want to help you grow your beauty business. I want to help you reach your destination faster, be more effective with your time, make more money, whatever your desire is for you and your business.

I have created/founded and built my own businesses for over 20 years now. I know better than most what it takes to make it a success. I know this because I have celebrated the award winning successes and learned from the money losing hardships. If I could go back in time and work with a coach or mentor who had already weathered the storms in this specific industry, I totally would!

From putting my time into areas that were not productive, losing track of my spendings, not investing in outsourcing, not understanding my objectives, management and staffing troubles, social media and websites, you name it, I’ve learned the hard way! When I started making the right decisions, when I changed my mindset and processes, everything started to get very easy.

I have worn all the hats, all at the same time, just like you. My business was my baby. I was Super Woman, inspired entrepreneur, I was the beauty therapist, the Manager, the Trainer and the CEO.

If you know your goal and need help getting there, I can help you. If you have lost your way and need help finding the vision, I can help you!

 Let me help light a fire under you!

Andrea has this amazing skill where she understands your challenge because she’s been there (trust me, she’s done so much in business that she’s literally been there!) and then she pulls from that breadth of knowledge and engages in a conversation with you, in a language and way that you understand, to help you achieve your goals! In my case, Andrea was able to kick-start my public engagement to grow my business through a few messages on LinkedIn. She instantly understood where I was coming from and was able to ask me the right questions, in the right way (her specialty), and literally the next morning I messaged her about all the ideas that she had lit a fire under. I highly recommend her to every business and leader who is looking to evolve to the next level.

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My top tips on how to grow your beauty business.

EXPERTISE: Developing expertise in one service or area will allow you to become the go-to person for that service in your area, especially if it is a unique or hard to find service.

RENTAL SPACE: A beauty salons location can dramatically affect your customer base. Think about what clients your services would attract, is it a service you need regularly or a one-off? If it is a mobile service, how far you would be willing to travel?

BE ACCESSIBLE: Do you have parking? Are there stairs with no ramp? Is it accessible to people who are older or have disabilities? By being accessible, not only will you be able to offer services to these people, but it will build you a good reputation and image.

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN: In the beauty industry, cleanliness is everything! No one wants to go to a dirty or unclean salon, and they will also not recommend you to anyone else. Make sure your workspace and equipment are always clean.

SOCIALISE: Spreading word of your business is crucial to grow. One of the best ways to do this is through networking, you can network with potential customers at events and parties to inform them about your business without just selling them something.



Hints & tips on how to grow your social media following.

ADD VALUE: People don’t want to follow a page that just constantly sells. Content is key to social media marketing. Depending on the platform, you might produce different content, but it should all be educational, motivational, and engaging to your audience.

INTERACT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: After all, social media is all about being social, right? Interacting with your followers will help you create positive relationships. Communicating with your followers will help you grow a more loyal follower base, and loyal followers can be some of your best advocates. 

BE CONSISTENT: A consistent social media presence does not have to mean posting every. Single. Day. But rather posting on specific days each week so people know when to expect content from you. Always remember QUALITY over QUANTITY. 

LIMIT YOUR PLATFORMS: Using too many forms of social media can harm your business in the long run as you will likely get mediocre results on all of them as you will not have the time to curate quality content. LESS IS MORE when it comes to social media platforms.

MEASURE YOUR RESULTS: Your insights can show you what’s successful and what isn’t. If a certain type of content is doing poorly then consider trying something new or adapt it to fit your customer’s interests.

How can we help you?

Not many people close to you truly understand how much you do every day and how hard you work, do they? I do. 
Sometimes your job is a dream, and running your own business gives you the flexibility you desire, but if the majority of the time you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and your bank balance doesn’t reflect the hours you are putting in, it’s time to ask for some help. That’s where I come in.
We will start with a discovery call, the purpose is to find out your most pressing challenges. From there you can decide how much assistance you need from me, monthly, weekly or maybe even just a one off project piece. 
With 20 years of first hand experience of starting and running businesses, I can help you to stop surviving and fire fighting and guide you to the kick ass boss you really are. 
Take off the beautician and Manager hat for a second, pop on the CEO hat and drop me a message. Your business deserves it.

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Would you like to increase your appointments and your bottom line profits? Do you want to stand out from your competitors? Do you have a current database of clients?  Talk to us about your very own personalised Salon Smartphone App!

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