On Sunday something incredible happened…

We won the Best Tanning Salon in England Award. Again! 

Our team are Ah May Zing. 

I have professionals all over the East Midlands and Essex who service our clients to exceptional standards, the way I trained them. I honestly couldn’t do this without them, and they are some of the most exceptional ladies I know. 

It’s so nice to be recognised for all the hard work which is put into Wild About Tan from everyone involved.  

Award wins don’t mean everything, I get it, but I’m happy to hang my hat on this one for another year – especially after Covid had the whole industry on its knees. 

If our award winning status isn’t enough to convince you about booking in a tan with Wild About Tan then maybe us answering your burning questions will! 

Whether you are a tanning pro, or looking to get your first spray tan, there are some questions that everyone just NEEDS the answers to! 

What is a mobile spray tan? 

A mobile spray tan is the easiest and most comfortable way to tan. No need to worry about rain or childcare, as we come to you.  

Our years of experience have taught us that people feel more comfortable undressing in their own home, whether that’s into a bikini, underwear, or nothing (we are a completely judgement-free zone!). 

Long story short, you book online, we arrive at your home, we pop up a tent (wherever has the best space and light will do), we spray you, we leave, you feeling amazing. Bish Bash Bosh. 

How much is a spray tan? 

A WAT spray tan costs £28 (area dependant) and you only have to pay an £8pp ish deposit at the time of booking to secure your time slot!  

The remaining payment will be taken by your professional on the day by card. No cash required!  

How often should I get a spray tan? 

We won’t lie, if you do everything you are told pre and post maintenance, you should only need a new fresh tan every 9 – 14 days. 

You want to make sure your last tan is completely removed before your next, and this tan is a keeper so your fair skin takes quite a while to reappear in most cases. 

Click here to check out how to remove any lasting tan before your next spray tan. 

What happens at a spray tan? 

As a newbie, it can be daunting to book a spray tan without knowing what is ACTUALLY going to happen so check out our quick summary of the tanning process and read our in depth look at your spray tan booking here. 

Step 1 – Book your mobile spray tan  

Our online booking system is so simple, all you need to do is choose your area and your perfect date and time for our professionals to pop over!  

Step 2 – Check out our pre-tanning advice   

We have a list of our top tips ready for you to check out before your tan,click here to read it!   

Step 3 – Tanning day is here!  

Upon their arrival, your spray tan professional will need somewhere to set up their spray tanning booth. Remember, we also need somewhere to plug in our professional spray tanning machine, we can’t work our magic without it!  

Step 4 – Hop in!  

Now time to hop in the booth! We will direct you into all kinds of positions to ensure that we get amazing coverage everywhere, yes, it is okay to laugh!  

Step 5 – Let the tan work its magic  

After your tan is applied you can just wait and relax.  

Remember, don’t pat yourself dry as you could affect your freshly applied tan.  

How long you leave your tan on depends on your personal preference. You can shower in as little as 2 hours for a light tan or leave it as long as 8 hours for a dark tan.  

Check out our blog here on how long after a spray tan can you shower.  

Do you offer any other beauty services? 

We do now! 

Our amazing professional, Caroline, has opened up online booking services for her home salon in Loughborough, Leicestershire (LE11). 

You beauties in Loughborough will now be able to book in for all of your nail, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, anytime that you like. Yes, we see you, the midnight beauty treatment bookers! 

Even though we now offer other beauty services in Loughborough, tanning is still our thing – the award proves it! 

Don’t miss out on getting your spray tan on! Book in here or click here if you are looking for a wedding spray tan. 

If you found these answers to our most asked questions useful then you should check out our FAQ page where we cover even more! Let’s get you educated on the ins and outs of spray tanning from how you pay to what to wear.