I don’t know what went wrong in my childhood, maybe I missed the essential make-up classes that every other girl around me seemed to attend, perhaps I flicked past those sections in MORE Magazine to get to the ‘other stuff’. Whatever happened, things went from bad to worse from my teenage years (how thick and dark was that foundation!) to my twenties. In my early thirties I basically gave up and succumbed to just lipstick and mascara because my Wild About TAN was enough to cover most blemishes.

The truth is though, when I go out, I want to feel special. When I look back at pictures of times I accidentally ‘got it right’ I have absolutely no idea how to re-create that look. I want a day look, which makes me appear that I give a damn! Lord, please someone help me feel pretty!

Now, things have somewhat changed since the early days of my youthful skin. The fine lines are indisputable; my skin has a tendency to be quite dry (though I am working on that with the help of Lakes Beauty Room). To be totally honest, some of my face looks close to furry with make up on! I need to NOT see all that.

In my year of Drea, I decided to call in the big dogs of beauty. Every time I meet with professional Make Up Artist Jo Way, I want to crawl back inside myself a little bit. The girl is stunning and predictably her make up is always on point, or on fleek….whatever, I’m still down with the kids alright!?

Instead of continuing this charade, I decided to do something about it and booked a 1-2-1 Make Up Tutorial with Jo. She arrived at my house and set up her myriad of potions before I could say “sorry I look so rough naturally, Jo”. I am the chief question asker in general and was on top form that day! What was super impressive was that Jo had an answer for everything, she certainly knows her stuff.

In no time at all, Jo had created a stunning look using my ideal colours and explained exactly what, how, where, why and when I should apply my make-up in the future. Thing is, I ask a lot of questions, but my ability to retain such information isn’t always as impressive, good thing that Jo follows up the appointment by e-mailing you notes of the session broken down into;

  • Brushes Used
  • Products Used
  • Recommended Eyeshadow Colours
  • Tips Learnt/To Take Away

Obviously I felt fantastic, but let’s be honest, we all need a little bit of outside clarification that we look as good as we feel. Queue my teenage son on hand to continuously advise me how great I looked, even ensuring his father was questioned when I returned home, “have you seen mum’s make up Dad, she looks amazing”. Yes ladies, I’m raising a winner there, he can be hired out for all self confidence inspiring situations.

Maybe you have it down in the make up department and this is just amusing to read, but if not, before you give up on yourself like I nearly did, give Jo’s Way a chance (you see what I did there Jo!?), book an appointment and treat yourself to a lesson that you’ll never forget!